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More look-a-likes. This time @grantimahara found a stunt double #SDCC

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1950 days ago

More look-a-likes. This time found a stunt double #SDCC


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kblackman 1949 days ago

this guy was a couple people ahead of me in line. really thought it was Grant at first

TinGeeez 1950 days ago

wow like brothers!!!

Jeni_V 1950 days ago

haha that's amazing!

cameronlanni 1950 days ago


MsReno56 1950 days ago

Whoa, they look REALLY alike!!

GuanoLad 1950 days ago

Busting the myth that all Asians look the same. Oh wait...

DavidHarvey_SC 1950 days ago

Twilight Zone....hehe

wolfyhound 1950 days ago

So awesome! Two Grants for the price of one!

MattChance 1950 days ago

I'm afraid that's not Tory.

grind_ 1950 days ago

Separated at birth?

Vigowilcifer 1950 days ago

OMG you guys are twins.

StilesTom 1950 days ago

Tory is having a hard time trying not to bust out laughing! Now that's FUNNY!!!

Sam_2295 1950 days ago

thats crazyyyyy

KarenDenBleyker 1950 days ago

Lol they look like they could be brothers.

debsterbread 1950 days ago

omgness. at first i didnt know who was the real grant !

ThePurpleKitty 1950 days ago