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I'm avan.

In other news, I ate a Dutch pancake this morning.

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1953 days ago

In other news, I ate a Dutch pancake this morning.


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Lifelovepray 1518 days ago

yeah.. blame it on the dutch when the pancake didn't came out perfectly! hahahaha.

chillychiv1 1526 days ago

let me start with this line 2 Im Dutch to and that pancake is .. not a dutchy :{)

TheSamanthaW 1534 days ago

sorry Avan but in Holland we still eat them flat. I'm from the Netherlands too

Loukaaa13 1534 days ago

is that dutch?? I'm from the Netherlands but I don't think it's dutch XD

julialubbinge 1557 days ago

I'm dutch as well, but I never saw a pancake like this ;p ghehe, it looks more like a mushroom though(:

BieberrBreezzy 1647 days ago

Im dutch and i like pancakes but I never saw like this pancake before in my live.

VictoriaTeam 1647 days ago

im dutch also, and lol that looks different :P

CarelMalestein 1817 days ago

Ah, Im dutch But i dont remember that a pancake looks like that ;) But i love them !

pocahontas2393 1831 days ago

I love these! I love the Original Pancake House, my fav breakfast place. =]

AwesomeAnniy 1842 days ago

haha, i am dutch (A) but this seem weird :P but tastefull too :)

avanjogiarox 1889 days ago

...hehe dutch :D

BeliebUrDream 1906 days ago

that looks weird

arianagranderox 1952 days ago


dyanthabogerdd 1952 days ago

thats definitly not a pancake I bake at home.. there flat..=P

problemoloco 1952 days ago

Thats a pancake????????

kees1992 1953 days ago

lol....thats definatly not a pancake like we have them here in holland

AmaBelieberDuh 1953 days ago

yea Dutch pancakes looks really diffrent

Elissa___Murphy 1953 days ago

I don't think I wanna know what that tasted like.

JericahDarlingg 1953 days ago

Mmmm? O_o

FoxxyClara 1953 days ago

i wouldn't have eaten it