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Jamie's and his twin pose for photos

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1647 days ago

Jamie's and his twin pose for photos


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icheb 1646 days ago

whoa. i'm seeing double.

TinGeeez 1646 days ago

ahhahahahahaha niceeeeeeeeeeee

danieljackson56 1646 days ago

Were they having a look a like contest there? Cool!

7Starrchasers 1646 days ago

hahahaha omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam_2295 1646 days ago

holy crap is that his real twin?

Jeni_V 1646 days ago


proflipskater 1646 days ago

Wow that nuts

DoomJX 1646 days ago

That is so f*ing creepy...

AneresMoonieon 1646 days ago

Wow, scary.The twin needs 2 get rid of the beard then he look exactly like Jamie.Was Jamie amused?

Giovanni_Seiji 1646 days ago

OOOH god......they're starting to multiplicate..... that's the begining of a new race!!

RepDefender 1646 days ago

Do I hear stunt contract in the future...LOL.

Rebelchic321 1647 days ago

Oh wow thats kinda scary... lol jk

BluValkyrie 1647 days ago

Like I told , you know you've made it when people cosplay as you

7skittless7 1647 days ago

lmao kind creepy

VinCripps 1647 days ago

fan: umm Jaime can you sign my sandwich
Jamie no but i will eat it tho num num num

Wane_kerr 1647 days ago

unbroadcasted Mythbuster special can you make a clone from just 1 moustach hair CONFIRMED

CryoftheCelts 1647 days ago

I KNEW IT! I new there had to be a whole race of Jamies! They're being built to take over the world!

purebloodfanpir 1647 days ago


writerkouji 1647 days ago

Holy moly...can the world handle two Jamies?

incongruousQs 1647 days ago

Amazing and hysterical.