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performer, writer, giver, taker, yeller, listener, love-lover, rule-hater…my book “THE ART OF ASKING” is out on 11/11. preorder signed hardcovers from my site.


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AmberBreeC 2680 days ago

This is the best idea and picture ever!
(It's a gun, it's a shlong, it's AFP's Unicorn!)

planetesauvage 2735 days ago


Lisa_Furter 2753 days ago


curseofthefurse 2766 days ago


languid 2773 days ago

dude thatz awesome. mebbe some ketchup?

KaH_was_taken 2774 days ago

I just spat food out in laughter!

SarahJFrith 2774 days ago


I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you Amanda Palmer.

mascara2 2774 days ago

OMG... Smashing!!!

sourlullabies 2774 days ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA nice one. You're sure getting some use out of that unicorn, huh?

foolspawn 2774 days ago

hahahaha :P silly

JessyLou22 2774 days ago


reetsjel 2774 days ago

priceless, fave pic so far ROFL

omygolly 2774 days ago

i lold beyond belief.

Smaulren 2774 days ago

Best photo of the week, month, year. Just so awesome.

purtlepootle 2774 days ago

That really amused me and made me chuckle to myself for ages!

clsteele 2774 days ago

0.o I just laughed my ass off.

edbles 2774 days ago

that got me through the rest of the workday

chaynicole 2774 days ago

that just made my day. seriously. you are brilliant.

NightRStar 2774 days ago

BWAHAHA! nice one Amanda ;)

dkt_rs 2774 days ago

The poor defenseless unicorn.