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-Super Junior- 이동해 연기 , 무대 , 버릴수 없다 ....

세상참 좋아졌다 ! 손바닥 보다 작은 캠코더 ... 이런 세상이 왔다니 놀랍다 이쁘긴 정말 이쁘다 ㅎ이보다더 작은 캠코더가 나올까 ? ㅎ

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1618 days ago

세상참 좋아졌다 ! 손바닥 보다 작은 캠코더 ... 이런 세상이 왔다니 놀랍다 이쁘긴 정말 이쁘다 ㅎ이보다더 작은 캠코더가 나올까 ? ㅎ


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fajar_emy 966 days ago


chanyoori 1264 days ago

ikaw na! haha

ClariceSHsays 1343 days ago

ohoh! i have that sony vidcam! ^^ hehe

lo0oloo123 1514 days ago

oh~ donghae oppa I love you and I Miss you T_T دونقهي احبك ELf arab ,K.S.A O_O

Mewwkondoru 1519 days ago

Good Good... ^^

chanams 1543 days ago

> ? buy it ?

BlAcK_TeArS9 1566 days ago

Imagine there's a place where you can always be yourself, a place where you can fly and chase the stars...a place where you can be the sun...

would you go there?

Angel_Sarah27 1568 days ago

cute one oppa

you have got agreat taste

chajundl 1573 days ago

Also have that Handycam, Planning to buy that Oppa??

oupipiiz 1575 days ago

give me one oppa

GhadahSays 1579 days ago

يعني انا ماني فاهمع ايش تبى بالزبط؟؟؟؟

leesuyeon960809 1580 days ago

I got that handycam but different colours

ms_azn 1581 days ago

i have that camera oppa~ haha ^^

kokitoes2011 1582 days ago


MrsFisheee 1586 days ago

SONY commercial break exclusively by Donghae Oppa!!!!

nongice_cube 1587 days ago

oppa want ??

mariaeloiza 1587 days ago

wwwwwwwwoooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.. so many cellphone.. hope you give me one of that.. haha

speciall1004 1587 days ago

can you give me one oppa ??

alisa_lolipop 1592 days ago

handycam.............. :0