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Pillow fight successful

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2600 days ago

Pillow fight successful


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curseofthefurse 2553 days ago

oh, i think i'm rather jealous of kim & zoe here. ya know, just a bit. X

Aerinity 2599 days ago

Go go cuddle puddle power, activate! xD

Maraconover 2600 days ago

wasn't the weather awesome in austin today??

chaynicole 2600 days ago

glad it was successful! wish i could have been there, though!

AtheneNumphe 2600 days ago

That was so much fun! Thank you. (I was just off camera to the right)

kurometarikku 2600 days ago

There are not enough feathers scattered for it to be a successful pillowfight.

lovehound 2600 days ago

I'd love to leave a comment, but something suddenly came up.

rainonroses7 2600 days ago

If only I hadn't had to clean the house today! I would've been down there in seconds!

spluto 2600 days ago

Ahh love it!!!

suchapbear 2600 days ago

Im jealous! Looks like you had a fucking blast.

sourlullabies 2600 days ago

Adorable /AFP sandwich!

2_point_0 2600 days ago

wow that is a hot mess. wish i were there instead of being stuck in dallas. i would give my left kidney to see you amanda... for you already have my heart ;)

xeronius 2600 days ago

I realize I tweet this just about weekly but my god I love Amanda Palmer.