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Me and @heffrondrive feelin alive this friday night at big time rush....

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1520 days ago

Me and feelin alive this friday night at big time rush....


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loveBtrTH1D 1055 days ago

aww I love this picture. That´s so cute!!!

GmbRocks 1101 days ago

Cute... ^_^.

vAMpYrushGLeek 1106 days ago

haha ^^ cuuute :DD

KFSsCovergirl 1106 days ago


jennislytherin 1116 days ago

ilovulogie 1118 days ago

kendall is cute when he sleeps

aasthaluvsbtr 1419 days ago

you guys look so sweet...! and Kendell looks really funny, as if some ting's heaping to his nose.

itsBigTime 1479 days ago

Kendall is the hottest, even when he's sleeping ♥

MeDicenFlan 1480 days ago

Awwwww that is so cute!!

bigtimerush55 1487 days ago

aww that is so cute :) lol kendall looks lol yah u guys r real felling aloive lol

ATLsassifrass 1492 days ago


SarahSp14 1502 days ago

awwwwwwww That is so cute :D

BTRLUV22 1503 days ago

Awww r u guys 2gether if u r OMFG!!

Kallie_AI 1507 days ago

you two are completely adorable together (:

Cheer13Sarah 1507 days ago

you guys look so cute together:)

BTR_Diamond 1507 days ago

Awww... Like bro n sis. Twins...

Angi3Bx0x 1507 days ago

Awhh! haha. Your so pretty. & Kendall looks so cute when hes asleep. :D <3

ThatGirlZulema 1507 days ago

aww he so cute when hes asleep

riniepinky 1514 days ago

aww....... soo cute... i think both of u are soo sleepy...

izabellarocks 1515 days ago

you guys a perfect match! no offense to Kendall Schmidt Lovers lol