Mystery Science Theater 3000 stars: @MichaelJNelson, @KWMurphy, and @BillCorbett #mst3k http://t.co/yERGqFDJA7 http://t.co/oO6KJgJIXG http://t.co/tysXtX7rR5

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2332 days ago


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Chiron723 2331 days ago

My vote is for Mortal Kombat Annihilation.

shauntheboer 2331 days ago

Predators - the riff basically writes itself

ArmorOfFaith 2331 days ago

I wouldn't see them Tease Watchmen, only because that Movie was disgusting. Although I know it would be funny

ArmorOfFaith 2331 days ago

Rofl I have had so many ideas on what rifftrax should do. But here is one.... How about WaterWorld ? ;)

MattBlackwell 2332 days ago

Air Force One!

joshdill 2332 days ago

How about "A Sound of Thunder"? Also, if you can find it, "Vampire Assassin" (2005) is epic.

seishirou 2332 days ago

Bloodsport. It must be done. Any movie that presents Van Damme as an American is riff-worthy.

DavidLeeGold 2332 days ago

How about that horrific film "Wild Wild West"

mikeuhdc 2332 days ago

or The Wolfman

mikeuhdc 2332 days ago

The Watchmen or The Spirit.

Bibliobabe1 2332 days ago

Please Please Please do Wild Wild Planet or The Green Slime