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Paste party went well

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2230 days ago

Paste party went well


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curseofthefurse 2222 days ago

Awesome picture. Need a chalk outline.

white_stripes17 2227 days ago

who killed amanda palmer?

KaH_was_taken 2230 days ago

Bwuahahahahahahha that's how I felt after work tonight...

AlpineAbsinthe 2230 days ago

I was having an oh so WONDERFUL day at work not 1.5 miles away while you guys were playing in the street. Gosh dern my timing.

mascara2 2230 days ago

Now we know WKAP - The Police!

foolspawn 2230 days ago

dun die :( need moar AFP musak first :D

JessyLou22 2230 days ago

why is someone always killing this woman? LET HER LIVE!

bekitty 2230 days ago

Sleep now. :)

chockfullomoxie 2230 days ago

This this to show us what is to come with the book coming out? (SO EXCITED)

Smaulren 2230 days ago

I just love the cop car in the background, really sets the scene nicely.

kurtismarsh 2230 days ago

I also find brick streets much more comfortable than asphalt

neilhimself 2230 days ago

I hate it when that happens.

JanayKinney 2230 days ago

holy shit!!! WHO DID THIS? Who Killed Amanda Palmer!!?!? (hehe had to do it!)

dkt_rs 2230 days ago

Where's the chalk outline? This is such a perfect picture.

2_point_0 2230 days ago

definitely a 'law and order: svu' moment

Cylence_T 2230 days ago

awesome shot! wish I was in TX to see it.

furrytigerkitty 2230 days ago

you got great knees.

mjfphotography 2230 days ago

on the road again

jelugoc 2230 days ago

Who killed Amanda Palmer pt2? ;) Dig

Miss_Cain 2230 days ago

Love Love Love.

Wish I was at SXSW instead of England... My friends band are playing there too. Would have been perfect to see you & Angry Vs The Bear!!! :(