We're the Pet Shop Boys.

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2750 days ago


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nikkiw1204 2746 days ago

Chris on Soccer A.M would be brillant

NADIA_COL 2748 days ago

Chris good picture !! Lol!

Petshopboysfan 2749 days ago

The studio lighting and make up makes it seem like you all have great tans!

skyhigh_etc 2749 days ago

Re: comment from ianjacko. Any chance you could be on Soccer A.M. soon?

AlfinaHawaii 2749 days ago

Aaaahhh.... come on, Chris -- you gotta get in the picture sometime...! I am sure you'll find volunteers in the studio to take the pics for you! LOVE your work, Guys!

DiscoBeat 2749 days ago

Nice, of course ♥

clycly 2749 days ago

Thanks for the beautiful picture ! I can't wait to watch that show on the net !

nadsab 2749 days ago

It's just great to see you here on twitter... :-) Really appreciate it! Looking forward to your future posts!

SursumCorda2009 2750 days ago

Adrian Chiles, Neil and...who's she?... ;-)

psbforum 2750 days ago

I missed too but i saw other thing:

Jemstein123 2750 days ago

I missed the show..damm, although i can playback on the BBC player thingy majic right? :D

storybaker 2750 days ago

Top show. How disappointed was that lollipop woman with her painting though? She couldn't even look at it!

Brendan_Surrey 2750 days ago

Got my copy of the Dairy Book of Home Management ready for the signing on Tuesday Neil. You can't escape your past! It could be worse, it could be Captain Britain. Mind you that was the FIRST colour Marvel comic in the UK, it must be worth quite a bit now

ianjacko 2750 days ago

great to see you on the one show. i would like to chris on soccer am.

ianjacko 2750 days ago

great to see you on the one show. i would like to see chris on soccer

RodgGordon 2750 days ago

Hi guys-caught the interview from the link on your site. Was it initially longer? It looked edited down. Can't WAIT for YES!

akajipster 2750 days ago

its was great seeing you both on The One Show, and I spotted the getting the phone out and wondered if a pic would appear here - fantastic!

worthlessidle 2750 days ago

How good was it to have food this evening and watch PSB! I am really enjoying the amount of promotion you guys are getting this week. Album is out in 4 days! i can't wait - keep listening to the sample track and of course the single.

SursumCorda2009 2750 days ago

Congratulations!!!... ;-)