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Collect all 5 @MythBusters bags at Comic-Con 2010 #SDCC

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2108 days ago

Collect all 5 bags at Comic-Con 2010 #SDCC


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erik2012 2107 days ago

están pocamadre!!

AneresMoonieon 2107 days ago

I want them all! Man, wish I could have gone.

chidorism 2107 days ago

ほしいいい(;´Д`)ハァハァ/lァ/lァ/ヽァ/ヽァ ノ \ア ノ \ア / \ ア / \ ア

dmjalund 2108 days ago

Gotta catch 'em all

errorad 2108 days ago

Hahaha at 's "Shhh. Don't telly anyone... I asploded something." look

rachied3 2108 days ago

I want it! luv luv luuuv them!
i want tory's :) lol

danieljackson56 2108 days ago

I agree. You need a bag for Buster. He's part of the team too. ;-)

danieljackson56 2108 days ago

Wow cool! Mythbuster bags. Dang. Wish I was at Comic Con! :-(

imappcn 2108 days ago

Put Adam, Jamie, Grant and Tory on one bag and make 4 for Kari. (sorry guys)

supermoves 2108 days ago

I can has Mithbagz?

KarenDenBleyker 2108 days ago

You're missing someone... where is Buster's bag?

Kerry225 2108 days ago

I want all 5!! Can I get without going to comic con?? They do come loaded with explosives right?

Claudia_Vallejo 2108 days ago

Cool :P Adam Savage

mehammster 2108 days ago

That's right, keep teasing those of us that can't make it to Comic-Con. :(

DavidEFinol 2108 days ago

Mmmm. Kari

amyleevintage 2108 days ago

me too!

oh_hai_KRISTEN 2108 days ago

i want one!