Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

@teamradioshack's guest blogger/2nd director today.

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2329 days ago

's guest blogger/2nd director today.


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LorieParks 2287 days ago

Father and son what a special time for both of you!

myhandsinmotion 2288 days ago

that is adorable!!

tbc312 2316 days ago


SurreyActivist 2324 days ago

The doping charges on you are complete bullshit. DHEA is a natural master hormone, as is Vitamin D (another hormone) it's not like you were injecting yourself with testosterone. My Grandmother died of Cancer and Palliative Care is total bullshit. They are

Cora007xyz 2327 days ago

Would save costs if Epo was allowed to all. Doctors should only inform young riders about danger for health.

Cora007xyz 2327 days ago

You will to me stay a hero and best cyclist for ever and have beaten others that have all doped.

Cora007xyz 2327 days ago

I think this whole ado, (hunting) about Doping would end if it was allowed to all adult persons.

Cora007xyz 2327 days ago

Thanks Lance. Have good holiydays and recovery and than may you have strength for fight in court.

Eithne13_1_1 2327 days ago

You always have the biggest, most special smile when you're photographed with your kids. It's great to see!

yoakimpossible 2328 days ago

7:05 behind!!! Incredible how the TT in the Tour has moved on since your heydays, even Schleck got u!

yoakimpossible 2328 days ago

Why would Lance kids be champions? He is just a normal boy who probably prefers videogames

tbc312 2328 days ago


olitrek21 2328 days ago

A gr8 champion and a future champion !

boothziegler 2328 days ago

What a lovely photo! Good for you, Lance riding your final Tour in such a fine way.

MvCharity 2328 days ago

This beautiful bond of love between father and nice to see !!!!

aprilritchey 2328 days ago

You guys are soo super cute!! Someday Lance you'll be sitting in the team car for Luke!

danielmcfeely 2328 days ago

Good luck in the TT. Hope you are going to call Jean-Marc Vandenberghe's Father as you are going to 'tear this road up' for the last time...I hope.

Cora007xyz 2329 days ago

If we Humans had bike races in all nations, fought there in fair competion we would have less wars.

Cora007xyz 2329 days ago

Did you meet Tom Cruise? Great Promotion for the Tour and France also in US, when such persons come to visit.

Cora007xyz 2329 days ago

I wish you the power to fight like hell today in TT. You are still the real best Champion of all.