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smKimHaeMin 1754 days ago

idgi why people have to hate on girls who hang out with them. way to be sexist.

sparkleyeoshin 1858 days ago

what? doing what? ohgod

LOVExXxHeenim 1973 days ago

sungmin and luna and hyukjae ?? what were u watching keke

Ang__Kaniie 1981 days ago

누구세요? 루나 입니까? 루니와 같이 영화를 뵜어요?

Cutiebaby90 2005 days ago

haha cant even guess who r those gals

dowa88 2006 days ago

oppa,i hope you will find your true love soon.Whether the girl who can take care of you as long as

mutiabc 2010 days ago

hah ? luna ? ini cewek siapa sih ? o.O

ryeohyuks 2012 days ago

who is she? LUNA? TT

rarannine 2012 days ago


tinker_ELF 2015 days ago

why are you guys always with f(x)??? are they your gf??? hope not... ughh

P9MzNabi 2015 days ago

Looks like you guys are watching a scary movie..? Hehe.

idamaddanatja 2017 days ago

sungmin in there?

woonryeo 2017 days ago

luna onnie and he is sungmin oppa ¿? O.O

yukimiina 2018 days ago

sungmin in there????

peacheeky 2018 days ago

nope for me she's not cute

peacheeky 2018 days ago

i think they're watching horror movie`

HarukiJung 2018 days ago

Is this ELF? I can't see anything...

MYKyudictator 2018 days ago

黑 很黑 相当黑 黑的不得了==

hyomin_3 2019 days ago

يمــى من هاذي اللي تتحصن في نص الفلم شكله الفلم فلم رعب ماتدري انها هي لحالها فلم رعب كامل هع هع ^^

Azuka_san 2021 days ago

luna so pretty its really cute how they treat thei co artist as sisters and brothers