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1467 days ago


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Gwennie77 1465 days ago

Eternity is the longest time you will ever spend anywhere once you die!

Gwennie77 1465 days ago

Its George Bushes' fault only if you are a democrat--if you are a Republican it is Barack's fault. And sadly Barack hasn't been in office long enough to begin to reprimand or repair George's blunders.

Gwennie77 1465 days ago

People plan their futures: plan for retirement, plan their careers, plan their retirements, plan their 40ks., plan their vacations, their marriages and families-- but know one wants to plan their culmination in terms of what it means do die. Eternity is t

Gwennie77 1465 days ago

Has anyone considered what an actual day may bring in light of eternity?

refrigeration 1466 days ago

Last comment was JK! I hope everyone is OK up North!

refrigeration 1466 days ago

Reckless driving!

bigjohnd504 1466 days ago

It's George Bush's fault!

MrTynesider 1466 days ago

That is brilliant parking, it would be easy to find right next to the lights.

swell 1466 days ago

holy Shiite!

thelocals 1466 days ago

wow. damn.

0h_sweetheart 1467 days ago

crazy. my friends apartment is in this pic!

djshelly 1467 days ago

That's insane! :(

george_samantha 1467 days ago

this is in milwaukee on north & oakland in front of where pizza shuttle used to be.. crazy storm!!!

LunchboxLull 1467 days ago


veganshark01 1467 days ago

it kind of looks like this driver didn't notice the hole and just drove in. Aren't those barricades?

Dano_the_Dino 1467 days ago

see, this is why i love Wisconsin..you get great sink holes like this.

bennybtl 1467 days ago

in MKE, that's how we roll 20 deep! but really, my condolences to the 'sclades

ilovesweat 1467 days ago

good riddance! kill yr car!