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Edward Hopper's birthday. This is his painting I love the most.

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2372 days ago

Edward Hopper's birthday. This is his painting I love the most.


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Lilandorth 2359 days ago

I can feel the velvet on the seats, the cushy carpet under foot and faintly smell popcorn.

waelkhairy88 2371 days ago

:D I chose this picture on my Twitter page background a while ago. :) I love it too.

FigaroLucowski 2372 days ago

me too and thanks i have only seen his dinner painting

barry_hardin 2372 days ago

I feel this woman is thinking nothing of the film, she is "elsewhere. "Divided by scarlet tapestries, two dramas unfold...."

bonfils 2372 days ago

Well, well. That was the one I visualised before I clicked the link.

jennarocca 2372 days ago

Mine too.

Aperetti 2372 days ago

"The painter paints to reveal himself through what he sees in his subject" -- Edward Hopper

Derriere1111 2372 days ago

It's a screener for movie company execs and she can't bear having to see/hear their reactions.

Janiebt 2372 days ago

I love this one, as well.

hayley_g 2372 days ago

Edward Hopper was a genius. I love when fine art is inspired by film and vice versa.

Lrb12c 2372 days ago


Lrb12c 2372 days ago

What does it saw to you, Sir?

NicoleAdeleRitz 2372 days ago

She's seen the movie dozens of times. Her feet are tired & life hasn't turned out like Hollywood.

CRA209 2372 days ago

This painting tells a story .. many stories.

zekeburger 2372 days ago

I know it's cliche, but Nighthawks is my favorite painting by Hopper.

sweaternine 2372 days ago

Just read 's "Talking Dirty @ Movies" in NSFC bk Flesh & Blood; its cover mods this.

Voomnomore 2372 days ago

Did the movie overcome her with melancholy? Is it too close to home?

PeeKyoo 2372 days ago

Great color.

ewangdesign 2372 days ago