Jim Norton


This is my Twitter account. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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2009 days ago


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rexdart936 2008 days ago

Has lil Jimmy been sandwiched between the chubby thighs of that butter roll? Sam has really let himself go.

gbcgaines 2009 days ago

this dude looks like me, wtf!

falcon95 2009 days ago

is that fatty pnomuna

MitchInTexas 2009 days ago

Wow, Pat's son

trexx65 2009 days ago

He was annoying..Picking on my ''DAVID''

kendee00 2009 days ago

Holy crap my monitor broke because of this guy!!! geez there gonna need a forklift for him to sit on!

TheDrewZilla 2009 days ago

Holy Shit... I feel dirty

cmimbri 2009 days ago

bobs bog boy at the jersey truck stops

antsjewneighbor 2009 days ago

i bet he smells like ass.

csknoll 2009 days ago

I think we found Lady Trucker's love child.

Programme 2009 days ago

Wow I am a big boy...........................

jjr007 2009 days ago

He also looks like a real life fat Chicken Little.

BitchTwits 2009 days ago

He reminds me of a young Tyne Daly

iamgeorge 2009 days ago

This gentleman is a friend of mine. But nobody calls him Matt. His name is Mongy. You should hear about the time he got a hooker for his 18th birthday.

weswhitaker 2009 days ago

Holy S look at those manboobs! E rock is Jealous!

Angelswatch 2009 days ago

here is a pic of his brother. http://twitpic.com/27oo6

UncleRico23 2009 days ago

It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown

505mike 2009 days ago

Make him do the truffel shuffel

Hbridges1 2009 days ago

Smile Fatty.

xterraathlete 2009 days ago

take more pix of the other interns.