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This is my Twitter account. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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2861 days ago


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cheeseflosser 2846 days ago

Sirius management demonstrating what to expect at the new studio. ("Robin, did you know I invented anal sex between men in a toilet Stall? Hoo Hoo!")

cardiaccat02 2852 days ago

nike shox on the right, rockports on the left.

TMA2 2858 days ago

i threw up a little @ the great dane comment

FuhQ 2860 days ago

kenny is prolly resting his coin purse on his head...

snorfleet 2860 days ago

Hope Kenny doesn't include a handling fee on the receipt

snorfleet 2860 days ago

Probably looks like a Great Dane trying to mount a chihuahua

aholecop 2860 days ago

forgot the shopping bag.....crinkle crinkle

ryan1_84534 2860 days ago

Make that other bastard "volvophil" look like a man!!!!!1

bostonjack 2860 days ago

"Pardon me J.N."

Lambo_LM 2861 days ago

Kenny wears creepy shoes

NoWaeJose 2861 days ago

http://twitpic.com/23m36 - i wonder how long it is before we see the pants around your ankles pic??? THE ANSWER IS 4 DAYS... I CALLED IT

VolvoPhil 2861 days ago

Make that your twitpic

dasbeermeister 2861 days ago

That lad's not in a bag

Lady_Trucker 2861 days ago

Yimmy's the one wearing jeans getting lucky?Gentlemen one of you should stand in a bag when you do "that!"

ShamrockTA 2861 days ago

no homo

seanale 2861 days ago

You need to wear lifts.

jerseygawd 2861 days ago

That's strangely attractive, I just number 3 in my pants

TanookiSuit 2861 days ago

Nice Shoes, Jimmy - but who took the photo?

lftnshadows16 2861 days ago


RonPugDog 2861 days ago

HAHAHAHAHA! Wow, is that why it takes you so long!