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Hangin' with the WHITE COLLAR studs at #SDCC

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2333 days ago

Hangin' with the WHITE COLLAR studs at #SDCC


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daphnedlcrz 2324 days ago

Great picture of White Collar cast

dark_swan 2332 days ago

Love you, Tim and Matt! ♥♥♥

dark_swan 2332 days ago

OMG! stuuds! great pic! how come you haven't seen this one, ??? major sin!!

notmynamebutdeb 2332 days ago

So jealous!!! :D Matt is sooooo sexy! And he's wearing the hat! :D

ioanna_s 2333 days ago

I'm jealous, could Matt get any more sexier?

ka_unplugged 2333 days ago

You damn lucky dude.

charmer1 2333 days ago


strdstbttrfly 2333 days ago

Great pic. Hope you got some great spoilers. Awesome show!

Alehtse 2333 days ago

VentusAstrum 2333 days ago

I don't know how Tim's doing it but he's managing to look both earnest & sexy at the same time. *fans self*

SongBird3411 2333 days ago

Wow. Jealous. Cute guys.

AymieJoi 2333 days ago

Are you wearing lipstick?!?

sallau8185 2333 days ago

Great picture. I love, love this show. They are a great team.

Rescued_By_God 2333 days ago


Sonia6349 2333 days ago

Tim is gorgeous, isn't he? Matt's not bad looking either *snert*

amyKar 2333 days ago

ooh Michael you are so lucky, i'm jealous!!! they are so cutee ;) ;)

J_Klunk 2333 days ago

That is a lot of hot awesome double rainbowness in one picture :D

xoElvire 2333 days ago

Cute picture ! Matt & Tim are really awesome ! :D

missmary424 2333 days ago

proving that partner chemistry doesn't have to be sexual! AWESOME! LOVE LOVE LOVE

ostarastar 2333 days ago

Michael, you lucky dawg! When are you gonna post your Tim/Matt interview?