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Flyleaf started in James Culpepper's garage which is where we still practice and write songs.

James and I cutting crown molding for my library! -Sameer

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2031 days ago

James and I cutting crown molding for my library! -Sameer


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vidamadkins 2029 days ago

by the way, cutting crown molding can be tricky, good job on doing it yourself boys!

vidamadkins 2029 days ago

Hey Flyleaf fans!! I am Vida and I am hoping you all can call into Flyleaf's saynow in about 30 minutes and press 3 to listen to fan msgs and hear how Flyleaf's music had influnced many awesome things in my life! Hope to hear you there!

AndresNietzsche 2030 days ago

Jameer Inc., im waiting you here in México,remember i meet you in Detroit (Andres,funny hat), really can't wait :)

RainbowsOfBob 2030 days ago

I can see it now: The James & Sameer Construction Company. xD I'd hire you. ;)

jordanwills 2031 days ago

I'm doing the exact same thing this weekend for my new house!

braian_was_here 2031 days ago

Cool :D Have fun! and Come to ARGENTINA PLEASE :(
PS: check my fansite!

JerryGarza 2031 days ago

Aww Fun times. Hi guys.