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2393 days ago


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eat_a_bullet 2392 days ago

I'd fuck it.

PORKYYORK 2392 days ago

I feel like I've quantum leaped into Karen Carpenter's toilet

SGFmark 2392 days ago

F'ing Irish stew omelet, WTF???

NVMEV1 2392 days ago

were you in the bathroom after i took a shit...looks very familiar hmmm

Johoff23 2392 days ago

Your omelette looks like it should be sueing the owner for $50 million.

MitchInTexas 2392 days ago

Why don't you flush your toilet Jim ?

steelsores 2392 days ago

Hope you didn't eat that, Jimmy.

bostonjack 2393 days ago

I left that in the toilet this very morning.

andrewburgin 2393 days ago


Frrrrrrunkis0 2393 days ago

wait... thats food?! yuck

NoWaeJose 2393 days ago

someone's going to be rocking back and forth on the toilet in about 30-45 minutes....

TruckerBrent 2393 days ago

oh come on! that's a picture of your toilet right?

Tappnbrd 2393 days ago

Come on man! That can't be an omlette. It's fuckin creepy lookin, ewww

japarsell 2393 days ago

u shouldnt have done that he was just a boy

csknoll 2393 days ago

You insensitive prick! That omelette had a name you know!

Krystalclear 2393 days ago

Whipped egg whites on top of last nites chinese food is NOT an omelette

jeepnut 2393 days ago

A fancy man like you should have a proper breakfast. Give your chick your breakfast order at night and have her wake you when its ready in the morning. Tell her to bake a pie too.

codyclark02 2393 days ago

No sir, I don't like it.

delimanpete 2393 days ago

I was a cook for many years. I know omelettes, and THAT my friend is NO Omelette! Find a better place. LOL

DaveInRoch 2393 days ago