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Can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my Poker Face...

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2260 days ago

Can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my Poker Face...


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BobbieFeinho 2231 days ago

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Meipunyaa 2245 days ago

love it! so sexy!!!

yuliastwitt 2252 days ago

The first PF costume was definitely better

FooFoo20 2255 days ago

this is a pretty caliente outfit! i did like the other poker face outfit too :)

mashapom 2256 days ago

Very cute!!

sanafame 2257 days ago

was AMAZING in the show =)

Peppybee 2258 days ago

Muh...muh..muh.. my! Love!

JacquelineCD 2258 days ago

love it!

chomeko_tokyo 2258 days ago

po po po poker face po po poker face!♪ i can clearly watch ur new poker face costume for a first time. as might be expected it's really sexy:)

Hynecco 2258 days ago

So beautiful!!!!

Lorittaaa 2258 days ago

So fashion!!
I Love it!!! =)

humisakuma 2259 days ago

Cool! They become really good hip pink accents. What gives rise to ideas from anywhere, always amazing.

xsk8er 2259 days ago

How do you travel with it ? I can't imagine putting that in a suitcase. You would crush the bows on the sleeves.

Gro_gro 2259 days ago

Wow! Fantastic costume! U look outstanding :-) Soooo pretty!:)

SnowCheburashka 2259 days ago

I can't read your head,I can't read your head....

SnowCheburashka 2259 days ago

Oh~Johnny! I don't know what to say.So...I think that belt is very funny! (@)

ibkod 2259 days ago


robklemt 2259 days ago

Love it!

Boxation 2259 days ago

I don't like it. It looks like you got a bra, cut it in half and stuck the cups on your shoulders. And the lace and pink and black bit is not nice. :)

amr82261 2259 days ago

I love the lace top.