Jim Norton


This is my Twitter account. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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2259 days ago


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DieselHonda 2223 days ago

Would ya?

ckear25 2253 days ago


maxw3llmurd3r 2257 days ago

you look like a turtle out of its shell...creepy

rexdart936 2258 days ago

are you auditioning for "The Shield?" Oh vic, don't kill the negros.

RobbieThompson2 2258 days ago

You look how I feel. If I don't make it to bed soon, I'll miss your show later this morning.

turtlelady2001 2258 days ago

you look like a really old, ugly pauly shore.....

MitchInTexas 2258 days ago

Is this the look you gave when the shelf fell on your foot?

bostonjack 2259 days ago

wow would I love to pinch tose cheekys.

MagicMike 2259 days ago

Was wondering when the ol' K-ROCK gray would come in...

hairyass 2259 days ago

You don't look so sweet in this picture.

jjr007 2259 days ago

Is that Ted the Cranky?

christhetrucker 2259 days ago

you look like you had a bad night with a tranny

TruckerBrent 2259 days ago

Oh sleepy head. Like me gray hair is showing. Getting some snow on the roof? UGH!

kickkids4fun 2259 days ago

aww! ^_^

amysophie 2259 days ago

Who WOULDN'T want to wake up next to that face every morning?

csknoll 2259 days ago

You look just like I feel!

rolandspano 2259 days ago

OMG!!!! That's all I can think of......

jerseygawd 2259 days ago

Wow your gal sure is a lucky one, u don't even need makeup to look stunningly handsome

Lady_Trucker 2259 days ago

Oh Yimmy...frumpy sleepy Lil' fella.

Tappnbrd 2259 days ago

Why don't you go make some pancakes and fling them into the cealing like dad use to.