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Possibly my fav headline ever.

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1833 days ago

Possibly my fav headline ever.


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johannesvinke 1827 days ago

Go Captain Obvious!

TMCphotographs 1833 days ago

No shit sherlock!!!

Antiqueight 1833 days ago

Astounding stories

simonduce 1833 days ago

What on earth have we come to!!!! A WHOLE article to tell us something we all know. Genius.

DavidWaldock 1833 days ago


rafasoares 1833 days ago

Seriously, they needed a STUDY to realized that? Some people have waaay too much free time...

tuia 1833 days ago

oh! now i got it

IAmSoCooolLike 1833 days ago


tuia 1833 days ago

didn't get it