Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

@lukearmstrong hanging w/ his old man til Paris. Beyond psyched!!

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2256 days ago

hanging w/ his old man til Paris. Beyond psyched!!


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LorieParks 2213 days ago

nothing better than hanging with your son!

myhandsinmotion 2213 days ago


OzArKracer 2254 days ago

The Next Champion!! I have my 12 yr old daughter in training now :)

Cora007xyz 2254 days ago

Would you Lance give a Kid the adivice he should become bikeracer? Or was it too hard in many ways. I think it is too hard, becomes harder each year by climatechange and so on.

Cora007xyz 2254 days ago

He really looks so nice, will become a great nice man. Maybe better something else than bikeracer.

Cora007xyz 2254 days ago

Has Luke also tried to race in a bike race in the US? Or is it not his Hobby? He looks so similar to you.

MyPurity4God 2255 days ago

Take a look at Lance introducing the NEXT boss !

caroviarmes 2255 days ago

Look how he is proud of you...This is the best victory we can have in life, love!

MarathonerNYC 2255 days ago

You look the happiest I've seen you in weeks Lance, hanging with your Bud, he looks like
a really sweet kid. Enjoy!!

vibin_joy 2255 days ago

Nice pic lance !! You are really a great father !! I've seen pics of you and Luke in your latest book on your comback!! You've always been a real source of inspiration

aadtje 2255 days ago

Nice to see, I remember Lance had Luke on his shoulders at the Champs Elysées in (I thougt) 1999

annachilders 2255 days ago

He looks just like his dad!!! I remember when he was in diapers! Get some Luke! Show your pops what's up :)

davescraig 2255 days ago

Great Pic!!! Reid_Rothschild, show some class!!!!!
Thx for all the GREAT TdF Memories.

bdcard 2255 days ago

I'm so proud of you for the way you love your children and include them in everything!

Reid_Rothschild 2255 days ago

Do you have any kids with the Olsen twins or Kate Hudson? Gotta get over double digits!

PEETIEGIRL 2256 days ago

What a great Father/Son photo!!! Best part of this tour, is'nt it?!!

mcp68 2256 days ago

Great cyclist, great person, great legend, GREAT FATHER.

deak2 2256 days ago

Who was your last room mate? in the 1999 tour?

PromotionPeople 2256 days ago

Lance you look so happy to be with your son. Have a great ride to Paris Love following your ride

Amund99 2256 days ago

Nice guys! Have fun!!