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I am a monkey

This pup has been sitting w me since I got here. No collar no tags.

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2200 days ago

This pup has been sitting w me since I got here. No collar no tags.


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CharlieBarnett1 1852 days ago

Ahhhh, what nice furry legs you have ... you too doggie.

b91k 2122 days ago

thats a beautiful dog. & hes smiling too!

TheRealShylaB 2191 days ago

Aww, what a cutie. Adopt him! :-)

Knifeandchop 2191 days ago

The dog will have a chicken salad, a bowl of water, with a slice of lemon.

CharlieRiff 2194 days ago

Simplistic comment: Its cool when dogs smile.

allymarie09 2196 days ago

haha. I can't stop laughing.

cacologik 2198 days ago

sarah, shave your legs

Box_Doctor 2198 days ago

He is posing next to the breakdancing champion of '83, by looking at those New Yorkers laces. Fresh off the cardboard.

H_Thorp 2199 days ago

Um, hello!??? The salt 'n pepper doesn't match. Looooooosser.

PriscillaBorden 2199 days ago

aww he's so sweet! Did you name him?!

HoolaHoopsMcGee 2200 days ago

Aww, what a wittoh wascoh...

Fursflying 2200 days ago

Awww! Poor pup! Sooo cute!

melissadenice 2200 days ago

Not gonna lie. I thought it was Sarah for a moment because of her affinity for sneakers

rutearsenio 2200 days ago


minnamus 2200 days ago


johanbergenson 2200 days ago

What happened when u finished yr meal, did this giant Doug follow u? Hope that Doug got an extra set of balls to snuggle.... ;)

pattyordie 2200 days ago

Sarah... u needa fukin shave.

BRILLIANTME23 2200 days ago

Awww, he looks so sweet. Fuckin stupid people can't take care of their dogs.

tjwiggleworm 2200 days ago

put peanut butter on your vulva. he will like

flamefairy 2200 days ago

I think he wants to steal those shoes and drool on them.