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Regarding unicorns

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2135 days ago

Regarding unicorns


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faithfulminion 2131 days ago


_sMatlak 2135 days ago

Maybe they wait until it has clotted and coagulated

BVanOrmer 2135 days ago

I thought they pooped rainbows.

MILLANDSON 2135 days ago

It's not their blood, it's their semen. It was changed to blood in movies to make it PC.

Taakuin 2135 days ago

I didn't know people ate blood. I always thought they drank it like a liquid.

fortytwostars 2135 days ago

THESE ARE TRUE FACTS. Also, unicorn jizz cures cancer. TRUE FACTS.

Danielita89 2135 days ago

actually it's when you eat their blood. like voldemort.

_mistral 2135 days ago