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Woah!!! Look at the Varsity Theater. They even have disco balls!!! It's going to be a party :)

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2258 days ago

Woah!!! Look at the Varsity Theater. They even have disco balls!!! It's going to be a party :)


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GabiTalisman 2112 days ago

it was a party :) this first time was WAY better then the most recent!

arianna_fraser 2153 days ago


BrookeHanegraaf 2232 days ago

This is only the best venue ever :) Love the Varsity! Come back to Minnesota!

stinauriesays 2257 days ago

thats awesome :)
Please fallow me, i asked u like a BILLION times :(

Cynderrellaa 2258 days ago

that was the best thing of my life<33 i love you guys! varsity theater was soo cool:)

hockey15116 2258 days ago

We got a picture with that guy in the white!!! <3 You guys are AHH-MAZZING!! please follow? <3

PeytonRea 2258 days ago


brookecreighton 2258 days ago

HAHAHA, I spy Jeremiah! xD

AsTimePassesBy 2258 days ago

Sokol may have not had disco balls, but they sure had some "lovely" graffiti...Haha. Kidding. You guys made the place rock.

Norbie98 2258 days ago

Epic shweetness! ;)

BTRCarlosPena12 2258 days ago

awesome!! Six Flags has roller coasters though ;)

BrittAllstar 2258 days ago

bt im not sure if its zach or jeremy...hmmmm:/

CodysAngelxox 2258 days ago

i love you guys , have fun :D (L)

BrittAllstar 2258 days ago

at least theres nt gonna b a pole n front of mikeys face lol omg Jeremiah&I think thats Jeremy!!

KolourMeKari 2258 days ago

Yayyy!!! Disco balls! soo amazing! Just like you guys! :)

NachoAllstar 2258 days ago

Oh my gosh!! Haha that's freaking awesome :)

iluvmydoggie16 2258 days ago

lucky!!! I am mad bc i wont be there =( I LOVE YOU ANYWAYs!!!

ZachismyPrince 2258 days ago

you guys have fun! : )
wishh i could be there!

luisidd 2258 days ago

argentina loves you so much