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For Taylor Momsen.

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1953 days ago

For Taylor Momsen.


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evelinebm 1748 days ago


sylviepetro 1795 days ago

ah ahahhhhhhhhhhhh XD

LouisdeFrance 1901 days ago

who the fuck is taylor momsen

CoralDeTamble 1927 days ago

oo ppls taylor mo is a total train wreck how can you not see it ?

janemks 1933 days ago

you. are. a. paedophile.

helensandoval 1933 days ago

You call her an attention seeker whore but you obviously criticize her for attention. Poor guy.

FritzLooks 1934 days ago

shemale here is destroying momsen obviously...she/he is low of confidence so boost by critizing others

guilhermerfj 1938 days ago

bicha má

TPRSpain 1938 days ago

I think that the only one who needs this is you. WTF do you have against taylor? It's not funny. You're famous only cause you criticize people, so shut up.

kaetrina 1943 days ago

Dude why the hell are you doing that to a 16 year old minor? and all of you.. why are you calling her a dirty hooker and an attention seeking whore? she's not a hooker or else there would be pictures all over the internet of her getting into random cars.

alejacamargoo 1944 days ago

lol :)

SilviaAmbraz 1944 days ago

kinda mean but totaly funny xD

HeyItsWosseny 1944 days ago


SaraBJean 1944 days ago

OMG!!!!!!! :O hahahahahahaha

TheFranceass 1945 days ago

Get over it, people talk shit all the time and do shit all the time.

omgkolbi 1946 days ago

and i think you're just jealous because she can actually get some, and noone wants poor ugly perez.

omgkolbi 1946 days ago

she's so much hotter then you.

TheRealZoeG 1946 days ago

:L Hahahaha. x)

celineepolenghi 1947 days ago

I really think , You should get a real job.

perfectmess1 1947 days ago

Now that is just inapropriate..