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Creator, Executive Producer and show runner for the USA Network show White Collar

Peter's mustache from tonight's episode. And a bonus alternate shot we didn't use.

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1686 days ago

Peter's mustache from tonight's episode. And a bonus alternate shot we didn't use.


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Grigg44w 1514 days ago

jlhw Hi take a look at

StatikS 1591 days ago

Moustaches make him 70'ish =D

dishangdeyoulin 1610 days ago


bestinshowgold 1684 days ago

I would say he is more 'mildly adorable' than 'mildly irritating'!!! I LOVE this show!!!

51stCenturyFox 1685 days ago

Hilarious! That was a great episode. <3 Diana!

AtelierGal 1685 days ago

loving the many Peter reactions in this episode. Keep them coming!

VentusAstrum 1686 days ago

This pic makes me so glad that Tim doesn't have a mustache in real life. Definitely love a clean shaven Peter.

NancyOnly 1686 days ago

Amazing! So much fun...

sp23 1686 days ago

Great episode last night. So much love for this show, & those pictures are lovely icing on the cake.

LizzieFord329 1686 days ago

I think this might be my favorite episode ever! So funny and Neal was really into his role!

laurlaur888 1686 days ago

HAHAHAHa i loved this episode

marilyn_yang 1686 days ago

Is that a real mustache or glued? It's hilarious either way! Haha loved Neal's Mario imitation!

suebee1951 1686 days ago

I like the alternate shot better than the one that was use...but it was one of the highlights of the episode. Sue

Bilal_Mian 1686 days ago

This shot's missing something =) -

VGoob 1686 days ago

Lordy. I'm with Neal. He should've had a Tom Selleck 'stache. :D

Ms_Honeyy 1686 days ago

OMG!!!! Peter I love ya but please lets keep the mustache where it belongs, in the past..lmao!!!!

katylyn89 1686 days ago

I will never play Mario Bros without thinking of TimD

ritzkayal 1686 days ago

Hehehehe:) awesome:P

laurenlazar 1686 days ago

Ahahaha Wow! Peter looks so funny with a mustache~!

mischief53715 1686 days ago

Okay, now he looks like the bad cop!