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Bought that bike!

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2229 days ago

Bought that bike!


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raulaponte 2218 days ago


ARae424 2219 days ago

you should stay with the nuggets...your there best player and we preddy much need you on that team.

GabeFluegel 2223 days ago

Hey Melo, I hope you stay with the Nuggets and become this city's Jordan. If you stay with this team and win a championship you will be a colorado legend and you would be the first ever to do it here. We the fans and your team the nuggets want you to stay

M_LARS0N 2224 days ago

Get off the bike and back to work. My only hope to beat lbj

johnblaze18 2224 days ago

Melo ridn dirty!

PoeticHarmony_4 2224 days ago

sexy bike its my fav color :)

3POINTGUY 2225 days ago

hows the bike

DoctorMontalban 2225 days ago

That's Debo's bike!

/wiping brow that it's not a motorcycle.

Nu_Dae_Ent 2225 days ago

Yooooooo, LoL. U silly 4 that 1. U got those spinners up there or gold & crome daytons?? LoL

davynkho 2226 days ago

Nice, Please stay with Nugget. My son keep asking me if you are going to stay. Don't break his heart.
God Bless you.

robzin12 2226 days ago

Is that one of those Denver B-Cycles? Go Nuggets!

Raoo23 2226 days ago

yep what the girl under me said..hit up CP3 and then come hit up NY

Epitomize_MEx 2227 days ago

Thats real nice! Now you should ride that bike back home to NY with the Knicks =]

_YungB 2227 days ago

Come To Your BirthPlace [[NEW YORK]] knicks ((MELO4MVP))

fireNice32108 2227 days ago

Told ya, they're great. Now all you need is a nice long beach to ride down. Preferably Clearwater! lol

andre81400 2227 days ago

Please sign with the nets thier moving to brooklyn your home town you and brook lopez will dominate

agenius83 2227 days ago

You know you can ride that Bike at the Madison Square Garden

cuzmp79 2227 days ago

Bike looks good Melo. You should think about Chicago, I know you and D Rose could kill.

mikinard 2228 days ago

Man I'll buy you ten more just like it if you stay in Denver!

Rollow2010 2228 days ago

nice bike lol!
u look like a big baby! hahaha
u still my fav player tho! go 2 NY! If chris paul getz traded there!
mean time! i look forward 2 this up coming season in denver! MVP!