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Twilly and Zorbak ready for takeoff! (moglins have alot of baggage lol)

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1651 days ago

Twilly and Zorbak ready for takeoff! (moglins have alot of baggage lol)


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LeZerky 1459 days ago


AQWQueenbulldog 1639 days ago


doriandamianhil 1645 days ago

why they have a tag on their earsanyway why should they have that much stuff for something small wow:D

aqworldsfan54 1650 days ago

hhahahhahhahahha lol

Zheenx 1651 days ago


McShmoopie 1651 days ago

♫Oh, Oh big ol' jet airliner
Don't carry me too far away...

DigitalX_AK 1651 days ago

So many big bags, for a few small Moglins. I'm sure they'll behave themselves, right?

Cowctus 1651 days ago

Twilly is going away? aw man I just wanted to punt him :(

vitor_aqw 1651 days ago


nonpownerAE 1651 days ago

Im sure twilly could just get the guardian dragon... also, why duznt zorbak summon fluffy?

and you can take the "metal air dragon" which in english means "plane"

kinzvlle 1651 days ago

rocking the ear tags

woohp2 1651 days ago


DEALWITHEET 1651 days ago

where are you going to? D: .

comicBlade 1651 days ago


HoneyBadgerHoly 1651 days ago

Wait wut

DisturbedAE 1651 days ago

Have fun beleen and dont touch ur PC to muce just have fun with Family ^^

Brega_AE 1651 days ago

How can they wear THAT size clothes? They're like, size 1-

Dalganoth 1651 days ago

*wonders if a dog will find them and chew them to shreds*

MeniaDarkFox 1651 days ago

Awww!!! How adorable!!!

nigrefux 1651 days ago

I am told Twilly is scared of airplanes and Zorbak has a problem with terrible airplane food.