You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

Matt Bellamy, one early morning in LA 2010.

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1871 days ago

Matt Bellamy, one early morning in LA 2010.


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FlacaEsMuser 1854 days ago

that's not matt bellamy!
look the nose! that's not matt bellamy nose! dha!

MathildeMuse 1859 days ago

Is it his hand?`Looks like Toms' or Chriss'..but i love the pic!:)

Nein_No_Non 1861 days ago

Don't mess with Matt Bellamy . Your messing with GOD .

bobgelica 1863 days ago

Matt Bellamy is the shit. Word.

BellamyCMason 1865 days ago

A new video? That's awesome :)

Pollytwilight 1866 days ago


Elypok 1868 days ago

Beautiful Matt!!!!

Alexandra0709 1870 days ago

love it! Matt Rocks

AnnieBerryman 1870 days ago

That's a great pic! keep posting :)

ehfluvsmuse 1870 days ago

why are his hands sooo dirty?

IngridVinyl 1870 days ago

It's a nice pic David. Don't you have more? xD Cheers!

flowersandcream 1870 days ago


carolinabeat 1871 days ago

Awh Matt *-*

webrock6455 1871 days ago

cool pic!

EmoBeefCake 1871 days ago

haha, I can recognize matt's sunglasses and shirt !

sivanwe 1871 days ago

Oh! Muse!!! cool pic:)

xgway 1871 days ago

Ahw, Matt! *-* Great pic, David!

BellaVampire14 1871 days ago

Next time you work with Muse can I be your personal assistant/slave? Pweeaasssee? *puppy dog eyes* I'll do anything!!!! :D

pwoblematique 1871 days ago

That is a really cool pic. David! You should do more stuff with them!

alysonell 1871 days ago

Looks as much like Dom as Matt. Sigh. Next time you're doing something with/for Muse, may I be your intern? Gopher? Slave? Anything?