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Jimmy Fallon performing for us last week.

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2630 days ago

Jimmy Fallon performing for us last week.


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hairyass 2629 days ago

Does your bathroom have a glass door?? Sicko's

nneptune 2630 days ago

use him to get some national tv exposure... I mean "befriend him"...

BHite15 2630 days ago

me love fallon long time

mrrjr 2630 days ago

Fallon rules! He was great and I hope he gets huge and then helps out the boys.

LiLmissLoyal 2630 days ago

Why do people insist on leaving stupid, negative comments instead of just not commenting at all?

stupidtom91 2630 days ago

Why is he considered a comedian? his jokes are as lame as Helen Keller trying to play the Hammond organ while doing it anally

iamsmallfry 2630 days ago

Is it possible that being nice to a friend of the show will come back to them later? Why call him out when he was already self deprecating?

tonytwoslice 2630 days ago

Im going to be an asshole and ask you why you guys didn't want to call him out on his interview with Deniro? Since when did Stephen Lynch wanna be come into play for you guys?

GregCat 2630 days ago

That could've been the unfunniest moment of the week.

krg770 2630 days ago

Bless his heart