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Jimmy Fallon getting ready to do our show last week.

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2323 days ago

Jimmy Fallon getting ready to do our show last week.


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cdub79 2323 days ago

Who are these Stern douche's filling up the Tags section, and why are the pests allowing them to get away with this????? COme on fellow pests fill up those tags quick, don't let stupid fucking Stern hyenas fill up that section

MikeNeve 2323 days ago

It looks like Kenny is making sure that Jimmy Fallon is not going to do anything inappropriate

tonytwoslice 2323 days ago

Fallon = flies fucking

jerseygawd 2323 days ago

CSK = has problems

beninarkansas 2323 days ago

It does look like he's about to "el-kabong" you.

IamKent 2323 days ago

CSK: "is that guitar going to be a problem?"

RealityGoldie 2323 days ago

Please ask CSK not to stare at the celebrity guests like they are an immediate threat. Looks like he is ready to decapitate Jimmy.

last1picked 2323 days ago

He constantly looks like he's getting ready to do his Adam Sandler impression

roh88 2323 days ago

Jimmy Fallon rules loved his comedy album