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What harm can one glass do?

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2034 days ago

What harm can one glass do?


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w1ngnut21088 1901 days ago

i find it funny it says there is an online video of the glass... lol

SharonfromPA 1964 days ago

HA! HA! WOW! Only if it's New York State Wine from the Finger Lake Winery's!

mariasicily 1989 days ago

Officer, it was only ONE glasssssss!

Corn_Maiden 2003 days ago

Works for me!

haleenee 2003 days ago

i should show this ad to my grandpa :)) he'll love it!

OnceUponAFat 2028 days ago

my point exactly!

danieljackson56 2028 days ago

Holy Crap! That's one HUGE glass of wine.

misswalla 2031 days ago

Best part? The wine in the pic is Columbia Crest-a Washington wine in a California wine glass ad.

twitlil123 2032 days ago

Looks like the perfect size to me

zueguesurfer 2032 days ago

or better don't use this glass...drink out of the bottle.

zueguesurfer 2032 days ago

Don't use this glass for Tequila Shots!

mid_noon 2033 days ago

I'm guessing the purple outfit has somthing to do with the wine. Or the other wqy around. :)

sandriamirado 2033 days ago

"Drink 1-2 glasses of red wine a day to a good cardiovascular function". UH! Is it still recommended here??!

kaitlynmueller 2033 days ago

oh my god. bahahahaha

Violin55 2033 days ago

OOOOOOOOH I get it now.........♥

tatidcoco 2033 days ago

& cheese fonde? Did You accepted my suggestion then? perfect :P

ohpiggly 2034 days ago

GOOD-lord. somebody's gonna get a little tipsy toooniiiiiiight.

vholiver1 2034 days ago

Have friend who probably invented it-always fills his wine (er... water glass) to the brim. Lush.

Claramusician 2034 days ago

Uh... I think no harm... AS long as yuo keep on mind: Drink with moderation! =P

Unicorn3377 2034 days ago

That's the size I always use. Is there any other kind?