Levi Leipheimer


Team Astana Cyclist

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2755 days ago


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denco83 2747 days ago

Was Ullrich driving?

e_trusty 2752 days ago

Do you own a house in Spain? Or Rent?

jcraft84 2753 days ago

I'll fix it cheap. Only cost of flight plus 2 weeks stay. Just send ticket and address

danaboulus 2753 days ago

wow those Treks are heavy.

lenny_e63 2754 days ago

My guess is that it's a mix of a rather large vehicle - typical Euro mini truck, night and alcohol and lack of skill backing up, if so maybe it's better you weren't home we need you in top form for upcoming races not street fights

suellen101 2754 days ago


jfclem 2754 days ago

Ouch that had to hurt. Very sorry...hassles suck don't they?

captncarl 2754 days ago

Yeah well, sorry for the gate but you should see my bike... :)

rickb_ 2754 days ago

didn't do it, didn't see me do it, can't prove anything...

sunshyne777 2754 days ago

I'll house sit.

toughgirl11 2754 days ago

well i'd feel sorry for you, but then YOU HAVE A PLACE IN SPAIN!...LOL

WWOLFRAVEN 2754 days ago

I would keep a close "eye" on your place. Sometimes thieves do this to test your security/alarm response. Any new faces or unattended trucks parked in the 'hood take note.

MarathonerNYC 2754 days ago

Definitely looks like a truck, hit and run, how rude!

perkins_pd 2754 days ago

Michael Jordan wants his number back. Possible culprit. haha

DEZMOSTAX 2754 days ago


Haakonhaugen_92 2754 days ago

crazy neightbour hood you live in :P

ferran76 2754 days ago

Here in Spain, the wind has blowed very hard lately, maybe the wind did it! Where is that?

cyclebritain 2754 days ago

Ouch! What hit that!>?? - if it was a car, then I'd like to see the damage to the Car !!!

LeMattCH 2754 days ago

I guess the doorbell was broken...

Ranzak 2755 days ago

uh talk to Dave Z. you should feel better quickly ...