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Yikes! Pat from Moonachie just made me throw up!

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2627 days ago

Yikes! Pat from Moonachie just made me throw up!


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1bmw4u2nv 1897 days ago

i hate this stupid fat fuck always making that fucking face thats why your never gettin laid fatty

Im_Bobos_mom 1897 days ago

I dont know about anyone else but Im wet

schwooge 1897 days ago

YOWZA1!!...them is some Tig ol Bittys

PaulieCelt 1897 days ago

This truly is the secret love child of Roseanne Barr and John Goodman. #sexy

teenrave 2625 days ago

He is perfectly hairless

BHite15 2626 days ago

looks like the perfect body for http://www.faterock.com to do next

bush59 2627 days ago

Oh Opie...no

nneptune 2627 days ago


Booger_Couch 2627 days ago

I wonder if Pat's trailer see-saws as he walks from one end to the other...

MitchInTexas 2627 days ago

Pillsbury Doughboy's Brother

randyholding 2627 days ago

pat has no shame at all, you rule pat !

hairyass 2627 days ago

I saw you on the news in Vegas. You were in a cornbeef eating contest yesterday. How'd you do?? They didn't talk about the losers

lisamarieskar 2627 days ago

Pats boobs are bigger than mine =(

amber_eyes213 2627 days ago

or maybe jv

amber_eyes213 2627 days ago

wow he sort of looks like fat bob kelly

cmimbri 2627 days ago

is that a yetti

boldmove32 2627 days ago

Or the Dice Man??

boldmove32 2627 days ago

is that eRock?

Sushbag 2627 days ago

I love your green shirt Pat. mmmrrrhrrrrhrrrr

drought1 2627 days ago

looks like the warping worm dudes from Dune...