Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Such an honor to have Admiral Roughead and Admiral Forissier come by the bus today.

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2036 days ago

Such an honor to have Admiral Roughead and Admiral Forissier come by the bus today.


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gravityRox 2032 days ago

Day off for me too, found my way here, so cool, watch you hammering it yesterday!!

thesdgirl 2033 days ago

Lance, I hope you know you will always be number 1 for me! I can't tell you how much seeing at the Tour has inspired so many. Thank you.

geraldosullivan 2033 days ago

it has been a great pleasure following your career Lance, especially this year's TDF. You have always been a great inspiration to me and will remain so. If and when you come bck to Ireland give me a shout. Continue motivating and inspiring people where ev

leph 2033 days ago

Very gritty performance today Lance. And that other old guy wasn't too shabby either <g>
Thanks for the great show!

miamiwebdesign 2033 days ago

Amazing effort today Lance, we were really pulling for you man! Enjoy your day off.

Liskaman 2034 days ago

My wife and I are just agog at the fantastic performance today...would have loved to see a stage win but the effort is inspirational.

Amund99 2034 days ago

Ahh... so close today, Lance .... Kick back on Thursday!!

itsNoraa 2034 days ago

Today is your day, Lance!! You're the best!!

azzabecks 2034 days ago

you're the big boss lance we will always respect you man

SandyHeyPresto 2034 days ago

U r an inspiration, Lance. Have to admit I hope you race another tour...

piojo07 2035 days ago

you're the best man!!

bano57 2035 days ago

Nice pic man!! We are waiting for a surprise next days
what do you think?

projectpath 2035 days ago

he he, old warriors standing together!

ticsistrong 2035 days ago

2011=RadioSchleck, coach=Lance?

Blvitt 2035 days ago

Roughead is certainly an interesting name for a soldier :-).

CMPaso 2035 days ago

a minority 4 sure.I was on the tour last sunday, & saw lots of lance fans cheering him

watchitsheight 2035 days ago

Think of the aim of the LA-Foundation and their aim. It's live strong vs. kill strong.

watchitsheight 2035 days ago

I think it isn't cool to be a leading person in a organisation whose aim is to kill. Disappointed.

Ishuab 2035 days ago

Lance,surtout,revenez! vous êtes formidable et le tour de France sans vous,ce sera très emmerdant!

reconmartin22 2035 days ago

Great picture! Unfortunately i think the fans reacted to Lance today as not sure of his tactics