Jim Norton


This is my Twitter account. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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2601 days ago


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antsjewneighbor 2599 days ago

those pants are perfect for hiding a camera in your shoe.

JustinLanier 2600 days ago

Look like you have rickets-chaps thing going on there.

UncleRico23 2601 days ago

cuff those jeans ya queer

HappyBirfday 2601 days ago

Those are some disco lookin jeans...

nickeldean79 2601 days ago

Nice Bell bottomw lil Yimmy!

Taos22 2601 days ago

What a Stud!

mascan42 2601 days ago

I didn't know you did the Tonight Show in 1977 . . .

jtLOL 2601 days ago

These days they really are letting anybody into the Mod Squad.

WinningWeiner 2601 days ago

Hey jimmy, no need for two "bottoms" in a singal photo

ladyz0e 2601 days ago

you can dooooo eet!

Frrrrrrunkis0 2601 days ago

you almost look like one of those lifesize cutouts. break a femur!

NoWaeJose 2601 days ago

atleast you're not wearing a Jay Leno shirt like the motorhead shirts you wore to kiss lemmings ass.....

bostonjack 2601 days ago

It's "hip Jim" ya'll

MissLindsey420 2601 days ago

lookin good yimmy. besides the creepy face and bell-bottom jeans

Tappnbrd 2601 days ago

Best pic do far Jim, assume. Hope out kick ass can't wait to see ya tonight.

csknoll 2601 days ago

All the best Jimmy! As my favorite comedian, I know you will do great.

FuhQ 2601 days ago

wow you guys are a bunch of chatty cathy's running on abt lil Jimmy's jeans. they're just regular boot cuts but poor lil yimmy just isnt photogenic :o(

hairyass 2601 days ago

i'll see you on the Tivo, good luck sailor.

docgoblin 2601 days ago

He looks so confident... Just another day at the office... If you perform for a few million people at your office.

greendragon69 2601 days ago

Leave poor little jimmy alone, he just got shore leave.