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iPhone 4 accessory idea. You're welcome, Apple.

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1810 days ago

iPhone 4 accessory idea. You're welcome, Apple.


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Appreviewfree 1784 days ago

It looks great :)

elsnielsni 1790 days ago

:D. Great idea!

swtpol 1792 days ago

Awesome idea! :)

imdenis 1804 days ago

хехе )

vakunenko 1804 days ago


pbontwitt 1805 days ago

:))) LOL

mif4c 1805 days ago


ekie84 1805 days ago


excalibur1125 1805 days ago

brilliant !

developer 1805 days ago

Working on it, stay tuned!

FireFish45 1805 days ago

I would totally pay for this! Someone needs to manufacture these & quickly before it dies down.

Sir_Dennis 1805 days ago

Great decal. Are they yet on the market?

Wondew 1805 days ago

여..여...엽때여~전용 버튼을 단순 스티커로 만들수 있는 악세사리

silas216 1805 days ago


treelobsters 1805 days ago

Nice! #iphone4fail

Jali 1805 days ago

sympa la iPhone4 Antenna Decal :)

lovetenderhh 1808 days ago

good idea,maybe apple will sell it really for 29bugs