Tony Abbott


Leader of the Opposition, Federal Member for Warringah

I dropped by the Channel Ten studios this evening.

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2290 days ago

I dropped by the Channel Ten studios this evening.


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mvhk_prasad 2255 days ago

Dear Abbott, if we utilise these Doctors we can build better health system in one year time

mvhk_prasad 2255 days ago

Dear Abbott, r u going to spport PR Overseas qualified doctors, few thousands Drs are in Aus

Anangukuarts 2258 days ago

Dear Mr Abbott, The last Commonwealth money for arts infrastructure on the APY Lands was the money you gave Tjala Arts for a new building 4 yrs ago. Given the imptce of the APY Lands in this $390m industry, incl the Telstra win, will an Abbott govt fix th

bellamoss777 2261 days ago

they are quoting you out of context..quote them in context..start fighting in the same way..seems australia likes that

bellamoss777 2261 days ago

Money would be better spent on hospitals and roads IF Labor didn't manage it

bellamoss777 2261 days ago


OzSparky 2263 days ago

The economy has an income of $1200 Billion and has a deficite of $56 Billion. Thats the same as family earning $120,000 and having a mortgage of $5600. I dont get it I thought we had MASSIVE CATASTROPHIC debt. Am I wrong somewhere!!

groovylawyer 2264 days ago

Tony, can you please start advertising in QLD. I've recently relocated from Sydney to Brisbane and this state is so pro labor it's a joke. What's more frustrating is that your presence is not seen or heard up here, especially now, at the time that count

gsamahita 2266 days ago

I cannot fathom the way Labor spent money recklessly. I met a parent who just bought an iPad by taking advantage of Labor's program so called "laptop for student" when in actual fact the lap top is being used by the parent who already have another lap top

Rusty_Nuts 2271 days ago

How about using some facts on economy in the campaign such as our country is no different to running a household budget. If you spend more than you earn you will go broke. If you then borrow money to pay off the interest you then have less money to spend

chrissys1954 2272 days ago

I will be voting for labour now not that i am 100 percent happy with either party..but what is the old saying the best of the two evils...and for those who bag Julia for coming from pom land for goodness sake ...we are all from immigrant or convict stock.

chrissys1954 2272 days ago

How exciting for you Tony....I have always been a liberal voter but i won't be voting for you not now not every..I don't like your attitude to the disabled or aged population one bit. After 41 years in the workforce working two jobs most of my life I am

pauladoodly 2273 days ago

They pass through several countries by air and land and do not seek asylum in other countries, they only want permanent residency, not temporary protection, and only in Australia.

pauladoodly 2273 days ago

The people who are coming on boat from Indonesia, are not "asylum seekers", they are permanent residency seekers.

pauladoodly 2273 days ago

Watch Sarah Ferguson's expose of the corrupt underworld of people smuggling in Indonesia.

segunray 2273 days ago

Old age pensioners over 65 should at least get $500 a week retaining all current benefits.
Cap unemployment benefits at 3-6months as most of those without jobs think they're too good to feature in certain jobs or wouldn't get out of bed for a certain am

rgl52 2273 days ago

Julia changed her mind on Rudd, changed her mind on penshioners, changed her mind on the debate..

gerribee48 2274 days ago

Tony, I think you should be yourself and continue being the all aussie male and get back into your speedos. You are reflecting the true aussie culture. Julia is a pom for goodness sake. And you hold firm the Christian principles of marriage and set a