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Marianas Trench guitar player person, former lawn maintenance specialist, and guy with EP. Check out 'Coda and Jacket', now available on iTunes worldwide.

The Descent.  About 2 seconds before we were attacked by cave dwelling gargoyles.

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2331 days ago

The Descent. About 2 seconds before we were attacked by cave dwelling gargoyles.


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JazzieVengeance 2329 days ago


trenchgasm 2330 days ago

NIGHTMARES. Just because of your eyes.

Mannie21 2330 days ago

that was so fun. it felt like the walls were closing in on us.

bleepmail1 2330 days ago

Good thing you guys aren't BIG

melaniedaileyy 2330 days ago

I love your expression! :)

joy_trencher 2330 days ago

that place is kul! XD i love ians hat :P

angelsays_ 2330 days ago

lol.. love. is that brett back there?? are him and mike wearing matching hats? how sweet.

YasNguyen 2330 days ago

OHHH F**K i'm scare now XD

Blooberry95 2330 days ago

Matt...I think you're the gargoyle....

tsitsicharb 2330 days ago

haha . At least Mike looks happy! LOL

Sabee31 2330 days ago

Haaa Haa I watched this movie .... it was scary at the end .... But in this pic Matt and Mike look likee gargoyolesXD

DesiGillis 2331 days ago


EmilyFlores1 2331 days ago

oooooohhh smoken hott ! looking good matt :D

Harmony_Major 2331 days ago

Love the eyes :-)
you make possessed look good LOL.

JbugRamsay 2331 days ago

lol funny wait did u lose josh on the way I dont see him

TriciaSwampy 2331 days ago look like a vampire or something,because of your eyes.but anyways your hot.

MirandaEnglish 2331 days ago

wheres ahh did he get eaten :P haha btw luv ur face scary

MadisonLPridham 2331 days ago

amazing photo love ur face in this photo lol :D amazing

MadisonLPridham 2331 days ago

thats an amazig pic i love it by cave dwelling gargoyles do u mean josh jk dont be mad josh lol:P <3

KristenMallows 2331 days ago

Mike just makes the photo, just standing there in the back smiling