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2625 days ago


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StormNorm76 2611 days ago

Great Apperance Jimmy.

maxw3llmurd3r 2621 days ago

jay looks all chill...like he just spilled his bag...good work yimmy!

cheeseflosser 2622 days ago

Why are ther WIRE COATHANGERS in that closet?

RobbieThompson2 2622 days ago

Jim, that was the most fun I had watching a late night show in a long time. Killer job.

zerogloves 2623 days ago

did jay just tear a rail in the green room?

patfromlowell 2624 days ago

Jay is the best. Congrats on your appearence. It went swimmingly.

TruckerBrent 2624 days ago

the chin and the chinless.. Love you Jimmy!

UncleRico23 2624 days ago

Crunch all ya want, we'll make more

sereneorange 2624 days ago

Jay is a hack douche, but I watched just to see you

PORKYYORK 2625 days ago

I hope you reminded Jay never to run with those scissors....I suck at one-liners but, I enjoyed your appearence tonight Yimmy

pureuncutfunk 2625 days ago

Leno and Jimmy, good lookin A-listers

Heathermay83 2625 days ago

Looking Good Jimmy!!

jackiedavala 2625 days ago

Cross eyed James

dirtywordnet 2625 days ago

maybe jay can give jimmy some of his chin.

Taos22 2625 days ago

Where is Jay's other hand?

thePAyeti 2625 days ago

yeahhh Jay thrown up the scissors!

RickSarasota 2625 days ago

jimmy in a sabbath shirt, jay in jeans on jeans...and the world is right.

dodisman 2625 days ago

great shot. one of your better celeb shots

shawmang 2625 days ago


shawmang 2625 days ago

This is to remember.. the day.. we spilled the paint