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Marianas Trench guitar player person, former lawn maintenance specialist, and guy with EP. Check out 'Coda and Jacket', now available on iTunes worldwide.

Hickianas Trench

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1771 days ago

Hickianas Trench


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Lexx_Jensen 1386 days ago

Fuck Yeah. I Do that all the time.

NatashaMTLover 1626 days ago

lmao josh ;)

RawrImMaddy 1626 days ago

What Did You Do To Josh?

VenomHalos 1628 days ago

lol :D

leeanna1234 1634 days ago

lmao is that fly dope in your hands?

bleepmail1 1639 days ago

just love this group photo...but not up to Josh's standards...

amybrettjackson 1766 days ago

the guys get a taste of rez life first hand...good times guys. good times. (:

sheridanrene 1770 days ago

Josh is not amused.

MT_Krista_SR 1770 days ago

matt. what the hell did you do to josh?

Janesome 1770 days ago

Your cool guys!!! :P Josh you don't look to happy about this!?

KaleneLupton 1770 days ago

This is not Josh's element. Did he cry a lot during this excursion?

KaitlynBrown123 1770 days ago

Josh looks like he wants to murder someone.

ruthannMT4ever 1770 days ago

Josh looks like he wants to say get me the fuck outta here!!The rest of you are enjoying yourselves way too much.Maybe at his discomfort. Lol

ruthannMT4ever 1770 days ago

Hope your heading for shower after dump trip. LMAO Bug spray like perfume after that!!

kattyk12321 1770 days ago

uh.. Brett looks a little like Robert Pattinson!!! hahaha I don't think that's a look anyone wants to go for. :P

bleepmail1 1770 days ago

missing the lumber jackets red and black and the Almer Fud hats!! Oh ya and a bear KoKanee in your hands!!

FishyMooShoo 1770 days ago

Haha, Ian in this picture reminds me of the ' Shrimpi' video Haha

zLydjiaMarianas 1770 days ago

would that be bug or bear spray, matt?

catherineb07 1770 days ago


ohheyheycathy 1770 days ago

i love you boys