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Marianas Trench guitar player person, former lawn maintenance specialist, and guy with EP. Check out 'Coda and Jacket', now available on iTunes worldwide.

Matt + Josh versus Bear

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2231 days ago

Matt + Josh versus Bear


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kimw27 2210 days ago

LoL... oohoo, I took this pic :D

bleepmail1 2231 days ago

NIce sightseeing!!! Don't worry about the bears they got what they wanted...

ohheyheycathy 2231 days ago

im betting my money on the bears winning

Luv_MTrench 2231 days ago


joy_trencher 2231 days ago

i repete: PUSH JOSH AND RUN!!!!

Blooberry95 2231 days ago

Josh might sacrifice you to the bear.....s.

tsitsicharb 2231 days ago

woah this is scary. How could you turn your backs to these things?

Sabee31 2231 days ago

Hahaaa ! Run Matt Run Before Josh kick you in the dick and take you as the sacrifice for the bear XD

JbugRamsay 2231 days ago

u geeks but kinda funny that ur in a dump or just in the usa

SamMastro 2231 days ago

Don't go fightna bear with Josh! He'll just punch you in the dick and sacrifice you to the bear.

TriciaSwampy 2231 days ago

what in the world were you doing there??

Libby_101 2231 days ago


farfromsarah 2231 days ago

Is that where you went for lunch?

MirandaEnglish 2231 days ago

haha josh is a ninja explorer haha he looks so interested

SOoCasey 2231 days ago

Imagine if actually one of those bear takes Josh for a gabbage bag... Get out of there you crazy guys O_o

MadisonLPridham 2231 days ago

u should kick josh in the balls and push him towards it and run lol :D

MadisonLPridham 2231 days ago

oh my all i have to say lol :D

KristenMallows 2231 days ago

Matt i would advise u not to stand next to josh, he may kick you in the balls and run.

Gethsemaneful 2231 days ago

Dude... you do realise that Josh will not hestitate to kick his friend in the dick and run, right?

MaeganTrottier 2231 days ago

Get off my property. You're making it look dirty!