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I see political people... (Retweets do not imply endorsement.)

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2662 days ago


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halodog 2632 days ago

keith olberhead and u have stolen ashley banfields glasses hahahahahahahahha

biogeek3 2644 days ago

I love your show Rachel!!! You are so smart and have such a refreshing view on the issues... Keep it up :-)

jlbuckenmeyer 2651 days ago

Still don't understand the Republican argument! First they based their argument on the fear of terrorism, now it is the fear of socialism. This is a party who wanted to remain the "majority" FOREVER and they think the Dems are Socialist????!

J_baldy 2656 days ago

Please tell me you left a Maddow sticker....

Gr8RDH 2657 days ago

OMG Rach -- I watch you EVERY night. Air America fan also. Keep on keepin' on!! LUV U -- Peace, Love and Light

KansasCeltic 2658 days ago

I enjoy watching your show because you are so sensible and down to earth. I am a news junkie and I turn on MSNBC first thing when I wake up.

tjw3 2659 days ago

could i agree and stress to John Q Public that while 'bonuses' are indeed Bull****, they are a drop in the bucket compared to the principal sum in AIG's clutches...Rachel, where is the proper forum to send you Tweets?

tjw3 2659 days ago

Rach..love the show, been there since the beginning, early Morning J days. i have ideas re: economy+fixes

LexiDobe 2659 days ago

Rachel - you are AWESOME!!! Please don't change a thing! :P

BSBradley 2660 days ago

I am in my office thinking about the AIG board of directors and the fiduciary responsibility portion of their contracts with shareholders! Hmmm!

jlbuckenmeyer 2661 days ago

Love to listen to Rachel & Keith. Rachel has a great show and I love how she presents her position. Keep up the good work!!

burg21 2661 days ago

maddow is such a fracking rock star!!!

tmpwork 2661 days ago

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michaelfong 2661 days ago

Just wanted to say thanks for your SIMPLE explanation of AIG and their involvement of the financial crisis on Letterman. I finally have a better grasp on how we got into this Economic crisis. Why don't more journalists spell it out like you and Oberman?

midniyte 2661 days ago

I enjoyed it. I wouldn't have to make that choice either. If only more smart people were talking.

JamieH10 2661 days ago

It's always good to see Dave a bit nervous and uncomfortable. Your wealth of knowledge is baffling. I am looking forward to reading your book when it's complete.

micahsheppa 2661 days ago

David Letterman was pretty dour. What's up with that?

brendacwg 2661 days ago

you were great on Letterman. Really look forward to your thoughts after completing the Army/MC field manual. Maybe you can shine some light on strategic planning with regard to our emerging national military strategy.

jerryscharf 2661 days ago

nice job w/ Dave; he's so good with starlets, but smart women really freak him out for some reason. You helped him out a lot!

uronk9 2661 days ago

Thanks for the info and keep up the fantastic work. Cheers to you and pass on the green beer.