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This is my Twitter account. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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1864 days ago


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DieselHonda 1826 days ago

"Oops!!! I guess that wasn't a fart!"

CaptKrunk 1852 days ago

Yimmy just realized his Craigslist date ie really Ant. Awkward.

falcon95 1861 days ago

looks like a pedophile who just found out hes on dateline

FSUfanboy 1862 days ago

Happy birthday!

FSUfanboy 1862 days ago

At a boy for safety! Seatbelts save lives...and hwoot birthday.

TruckerBrent 1863 days ago

what is this? Blair ditched?

shmayakr 1863 days ago

its the BJ face

Heathermay83 1863 days ago

Looks to me like you just shit youre pants! haha love the face!

TheDannyLama 1863 days ago

I didn't realize you were a burn victim.

Frrrrrrunkis0 1863 days ago

is that that face you made after you heard "Hi daddy"?

drivingmecrazy 1863 days ago

The picture is the best punchline ever.

prettymuchsucks 1863 days ago

This is probably what people look like when they realize that Big A is their cab driver.

wackbag 1863 days ago

rooting for Jimmy tonight.

MikeNeve 1863 days ago

Jimmy going through a questionable nieghborhood.

Lady_Trucker 1863 days ago

That's Yimmys I make poo poo face.

nerdo5 1863 days ago

Where's the chin?

ncgryhound6756 1863 days ago

oh nooo

nickbaudille 1863 days ago

Good Luck Sweet Lips

DukeFett 1863 days ago

That made me laugh really hard

albo60s 1864 days ago

don't plug up the toilet this time.