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1654 days ago


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skyeye2000 1249 days ago

want to buy this photo. DM me?

skelly60901 1249 days ago

I was worried when I heard, but only one fell. Thank Obama.

llamagrrl 1250 days ago

This wouldn't have happened to Adirondack chairs. It's your own fault for not being prepared.

MargaretDL 1251 days ago

This is massive, truly unbelievable, Beyond repair.
I'm hoping there's no aftershock.

RedLolaInDC 1251 days ago

Love it! I added this to other pictures of the 'casualties' of the great 2011 quake:

2ysur2ysub 1251 days ago

I believe that signals the end of civilization as we know it.

niagarabob 1251 days ago

Has the ambulance already arrived?

dogmama217 1251 days ago

WHOA --> shocking photo of earthquake devastation!

2LadyDi 1653 days ago

Thanks for sharing this. I live here (Maryland) and am DWL.

mammastory 1653 days ago

Hope you have insurance...

JaSizzl3ln 1653 days ago

BAHAHAHa!!! wooow

HSMagnet 1653 days ago


pablo_videla 1653 days ago

jajajaja, que desastre

duchien2dc 1654 days ago

David Simon, your next mini-series awaits you!

caitbelfield 1654 days ago

the most epic DC disaster ever... def tops snowpopcalypse

MickeyJones40 1654 days ago

President Obama is on top of this tragedy. He will be coming to see the devastation first hand. How’s October?

boogityshu 1654 days ago

I was on my way there with a truckload of fold-out chairs to help out, but I was turned back by the Army!

BHumstone 1654 days ago

Heck of a job, Brownie

JonasBGs 1654 days ago

all the other chairs made it except one. what a weenie!

SeleneLuna 1654 days ago