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Self portrait- going for a run in Salem Germany

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2331 days ago

Self portrait- going for a run in Salem Germany


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satellitesista 2234 days ago

uber nice lake for a lil run nike looks good on you

MarishMoron 2234 days ago

looks like to a baby :| but you are so sweet! ♥

killer_texas 2234 days ago

niiiice pic :D go to Brazil !

KissMe_this_one 2239 days ago

cool :)

kandd96 2290 days ago


beningdn 2290 days ago

omg you're so handsome XP

ddritzenhein 2327 days ago

Awesome Photo

CaroolMadden 2329 days ago

great pic *-*' So, when you'll come to Brazil? =// You've fans in Brazil too !

CarinaBurg 2330 days ago

hey joel, salem isn´t far away from my hometown. why don´t you come to Freiburg?(Schwarzwald)Germany

GCSPFAN 2331 days ago

It's always nice to take the time to stop and appreciate the scenery, that is the lake as well! LOL!

maryziv 2331 days ago

nothing better than munich show few days ago ;)salem thats where the rich guys go to private school

LeaCalifornia56 2331 days ago

I Love your self portraits x'D I Love You Are So Cute xP & So Beautiful I Love You :D

Team_GC 2331 days ago

I love your self portraits. You should take it in every one place you go on tour :D And then make some scrapbook :D just sain :D

Pay79 2331 days ago


MaddenMade 2331 days ago

love the scenery joel!! and i aint just talkin about the water ;) i would love to go to germany!

Bevtoyou 2331 days ago

I don't see you running and I don't see the sweat dripping offa you! OH! You don't mean it literally. You was running, stopped by the lake and had someone (probs Benj) snap this! ;) :D Cute. Handsome! You always look good. :)

Toelejoe 2331 days ago

nice picture:).yes. it looks liker looks a bit like my village and our lake..strange o.O. :D

arelixxo 2331 days ago

Oh god, I love your self portraits. They are amazing ;)

Oyechula 2331 days ago

:o nice picture bby!

ImFromDaBayou 2331 days ago

ahhhh germany is so jealous