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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

We're trying out some new race radio earpieces today... Man, I dunno.

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2173 days ago

We're trying out some new race radio earpieces today... Man, I dunno.


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pebblesnbambam1 2167 days ago

HAHA, sooooo funny

geraldosullivan 2168 days ago

you still have it in you Lance

fastedcrossroad 2168 days ago

(^: good one!! Congrats with a great race yesterday!

JessicaCatalano 2170 days ago

Oh my god.... lol! This made my day!

JoseantonioAB 2170 days ago

lance it seems BEATS wants you to be their new FACE, and they'll name one after you, LanceBeats!

tbc312 2171 days ago


73marcs 2171 days ago

Come back next year Lance ok!!? ;-)

earroyave 2171 days ago

Those will come in handy for the Iditarod version of the tour!

tom_bike 2171 days ago

hehehe! :D a lot of talk about surprises, is this one? ;)

velorandy 2171 days ago

We tried that a few years ago, didn't work so well in the sprints.

robinkeys2 2171 days ago

You sure don't get any privacy!

VisibleDale 2172 days ago

Funny, Lance!

SaraLiebner 2172 days ago

And this is what you also urgently need 2 stay in contact with Johan:

pkleores 2172 days ago

Crank it up to Metallica - get you dancing all the way to Paris

blockhart94 2172 days ago


PEETIEGIRL 2172 days ago

Probably weighs more than your bike!!

tbc312 2172 days ago


DaddyFromScott 2173 days ago

now only 1 rider needs an earpiece and the whole peleton can hear what Johan has 2 say...

LarryBirdy 2173 days ago

It would be way cool if you Shackers could ride a stage with the old ghetto-blasters on your shoulders................

VeloNutts 2173 days ago

Humm... Might need some Duct tape with that ;- }